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Terms and Conditions

Thank you for supporting my business, I appreciate your enquiry and look forward to working with you soon.




1. Important balloon safety Notice: 

These balloons are for decorative purpose’s only. 

Balloons are not a toy. 

Children under 8 years of age can choke or suffocate on balloons.

Keep uninflated balloons away from children. 

Discard broken balloons immediately. 

Some balloons are made of natural rubber latex which may cause an allergic reaction. 

Do not keep balloons close to your face. 


2. Helium care:

Helium Must NEVER be inhaled, as this can cause death.

Helium balloons have a float time of between 24-48 hours.

We do not supply balloons for a balloon release.

Please do not release balloons into the air/environment.

It is dangerous to animals and bad for the environment.


3. Cancellation policy: 

In order to secure a booking a minimum 50% booking fee is required.

This is non refundable unless the cancellation is made 30 days prior to the event. 

Occasionally, we may not be able to source the required materials, or they may not be in stock with us. In this case we will endeavour to offer alternatives, however if this does not suit,  we reserve the right to cancel your order and issue a full refund of the booking fee.

4. Order amendments:

Once a contract has been agreed, no changes can be accepted, unless agreed in writing by Bird & Blossom Balloons.

5. Collection policy:

Please ensure that you have agreed collection on the correct date prior to your event, collection dates cannot be changed last minute as these products are handmade. 

6. Hire deposits:

When booking products with additional props, a further deposit may be required.

This will be refunded on return of undamaged hire Items. 

Any props hired are the sole responsibility of the named customer. 

7. Delivery:

Delivery is location dependent and starts from £5.


8. Set Up:

Please ensure the correct measurements have been provided on the booking form.

For large venues and events we require access to the venue within a suitable time period, please check with your venue that suppliers are permitted access to the location prior to the event. A fee will be charged if no access is available on arrival as previously agreed.

        For home set ups access to the area is required, please ensure the space is cleared and available for set up, for health and safety reasons we recommend children and animals are kept at a safe distance when setting up.


9. Balloon care:

Balloons should never be left in cars. 

Ensure when you pick up your balloon, you are returning straight to the venue. 

Ensure you have enough space for the balloon in your car to safely transport it this is to reduce contact with the balloon.

 Balloons are made of different materials, and have different  float times depending on how they are filled. 

We recommend as a  guideline, helium filled balloons should last for 24-48 hours, while air filled balloons should last 2-3 days, as long as the correct guidelines are followed.

Balloons can be adversely impacted by changes in temperature. 

Please insure they are kept at room temperature, do not place directly in front of radiators, fires, direct sunlight, air conditioning units, or anything that could disrupt the temperature of the balloon ahis will impact the durability of the product.

Balloons are fragile, please ensure they are used for decorative purposes only and are kept out of contact with sharp objects , be careful with car keys when transporting balloons to and from your car.

10. Force Majeure

We reserve the right to defer the date of delivery or cancel the contract, for the following reasons, which are beyond our control: 

Self-isolation, stock shortages, acts of God, governmental actions, national emergency, riot, fire, explosion, flood, storm, snowfall, epidemic, pandemic. 

11. Marketing

We may use images of your balloon structure on marketing materials, including website, Facebook, Instagram, email, flyers etc.

This will not include any pictures of people, unless your permission has been agreed.

Please feel free to share images on your social media, and ensure to tag Bird & Blossom Balloons

Images cannot be used on other websites unless written confirmation has been provided by Bird and Blossom Balloons

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